August, 2020
Above: “Polysemia” digital zine demonstartion.

My aim for this project was to explore, with the Covid-19 pandemic lockdown inhibiting the already dwindling reach, viability and market for print media, how can a zine or publication be illustrated and produced in a way that allows for more digital dynamism and ease of access. In doing so I also wanted to shed light upon a matter of significance and importance to me by choosing to illustrate Ece Canli’s essay ‘Design History Interrupted: A Queer Feminist Perspective’ throughout the format of a digital zine that would be published online.

This project was also conceived as such to allow me to explore new means of working creatively, learning to use new software for 3D modelling and key frame animation in Blender 2.8 and furthering my skills in HTML and CSS coding with Adobe Dreamweaver CC.

The final working webpage can be found >>here<< (desktop only)