A brief to design two posters promoting the BFI Player - one poster promoting one of the film collections available through the service under the campaign ‘Our Lives, Our Stories’, and another promoting a film set in the south-west of England under ‘Britain on Film’. Respectively; WTF - A Box of Odd and Splashdance were my choices - the final outcome for the former also being animated.
February, 2020

Our Lives, Our Stories animated poster for ‘WTF - A Box of Odd’ collection.

(digital illustration, 3D animation, original typography)  

A collection of kitschy, bewildering and sometimes amateur archival footage, I wanted to capture it’s eclectic nature using a collage of various styles to depict a selection of the films included. All assets used are original.

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February, 2020

Britain on Film poster for ‘Splashdance’ (1983)

(digital illustration)

“Sixteen of the world's top surfing professionals have come to Fistral Beach in Newquay for the Fosters Draught Euro Pro Championships.”

The athleticism and skill demonstrated by the professional surfers throughout this short documentary is awe inspiring. I set out to communicate this by depicting them using conventions typically used to frame comic book superheroes, embellished with a surf-mania aesthetic.

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