Above: Millie (1-4), Luke (1-4) & Millie_Vol_2 (1-4).    

Collaborative freelance work with fashion photographer Maisie Millington exploring beauty that transgresses against fragile conformity.

Directing the project towards cyber and trans-humanist themes while heavily incorporating Y2K design conventions, Maisie coordinated the styling and photography while I was responsible for all editing and design work, with research and creative liberties being distributed equally.

The project culminates in an animated and interactive digital zine coded with HTML, CSS & JavaScript in which the photography is showcased in galleries complimented by other original assets including original logo-type, animation and copy-writing.

Maisie wanted the feel of the zine to evoke a computer desktop experiencing technical difficulties. I conceptualised an animation of smashed body parts floating through a void to compliment this notion of breakdown while achieving a critique on the fragility of gender conformity which was one of Maisie’s primary  incentives for the project.
Above: Digital zine demonstration, featuring digital animation and coded with HTML/CSS & Javascript.
Above: Original logotype in still of unused ident.
Above: Icons for each model.